Birth Services

Preconception, Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond!

Birth is a special and sacred time for couples and we believe it should be treated as such. We can provide you with several services to help with this journey and give the necessary support, education and health tools for a successful birth experience or we will direct you to someone we trust who can.


The goal is to help couples become a healthier version of themselves for their current or future children. Whether you are just about to start your family journey or have been struggling and want to try a different approach, we can help! The Schaefer Protocol has helped 150+ couples get healthy enough to conceive on their own and create healthy humans. Find out more about the protocol with the link below!

Childbirth Education Class

We offer a 1-day intensive Childbirth Education Class every month that will provide information and tools for you to be able to know your options with how to birth so that you can create an environment and birth plan that fits your needs and wants.

The purpose of this class is to empower the birthing mother and her support person to create a smooth transition into motherhood, whether it is the first birth or not your first rodeo! Our goal is to help you feel as prepared as possible and confident in the amazing ability of creating life and birthing it, that God has given you.


More and more mothers are discovering the many benefits associated with chiropractic care throughout pregnancy. They appreciate the chiropractor’s respect for the body’s natural design and function.

Supportive care providers, regain trust in the body, and the whole health benefits of chiropractic are being recognized as vital ingredients to a healthier pregnancy and an overall easier birth.

Our Webster Technique Certified Doctor has been through extensive training to safely and effectively adjust pregnant mothers in all stages of pregnancy. Not only will it allow you to have a more comfortable pregnancy but also an easier and safer birth with a body that is as prepared as possible for this momentous transition.

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Birth is nothing to be feared, but something to be embraced, and a natural part of life. Our bodies are amazing and women are incredibly strong.

Katrina Zaslavsky -Pathways to Family Wellness issue 44