Chiropractic Services

No individual is the same, so we tailor our care based off a person’s individual needs which is why we get better results!


More and more mothers are discovering the many benefits associated with chiropractic care throughout pregnancy. They appreciate the chiropractor’s respect for the body’s natural design and function. Having supportive care providers, regained trust in the body, and the whole health benefits of chiropractic are being recognized as vital ingredients to a healthier pregnancy and overall easier birth.

Our Webster Technique Certified doctor has been through extensive training to safely and effectively adjust pregnant mothers in all stages of pregnancy. Not only will it allow you to have a more comfortable pregnancy but also an easier and safer birth with a body that is as prepared as possible for this momentous transition.


Adjusting children is not like adjusting small adults! Our doctors have taken 200+ post-doctoral hours focused on kids as young as hours old through their teen years to ensure the best care possible for the pediatric population to be able to grow and develop from healthy kids into healthy adults! We use specific and gentle adjusting techniques to optimize their bodies health and function!

Childhood Developmental Disorders

With the rise of technology and other environmental factors more and more children are being affected neurologically. According to the CDC 1 in about 6 children will have a developmental disability. With Our specialized program that is tailored to your Child’s specific needs we create a specific treatment plan to get your child function optimally and the best opportunity at life.

For the Entire Family!

Keeping up with kids can be tough, not to mention the extra stress of work and everyday life. We are here for you and the entire family! The parents set the example for their children and this is a big reason why we see the whole family. A family that gets adjusted together stays healthy together!

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